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Step 2.

Strategize & shoot

Once on the same page. We take care of the rest. We pull together the team necessary for the project. From there we prep, shoot and deliver.

Photo by Densengraphy

How it works

Step 1.

Contact us & let's meet up!

Talk to us about your idea, your product, your brand or project. We will find a way to translate your message and identity into video. In this phase we talk budget, timing and expectations. We always aim to find a solution and idea that fits you.

Nilex Films
Branding video

Step 3.

Receive final product

The moment we've all been waiting for. You're ready to launch your video. We strive to give an all-in service. So, as a little extra, we often check-in with you once more to make sure that you know what to do next so that the video gets to where it needs to be.

This is also the moment we listen to your feedback so we can always keep improving our craft and customer relations.

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