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1. Alex


2. Nina

Hey, my name is Nina, the one on the right. After seven years working as a teacher, I decided to shake things up and fulfill my dream of starting a company. So, here I am, co-running it with my partner in crime, best friend, and sister, Alex.

In my role as a producer and first AD, I handle the behind-the-scenes magic, making sure everything ticks like clockwork. Honestly, I'm just really passionate about what I do!


You’ve guessed it, I’m Alex, the friendly face on the left! I'm the director, videographer, and overall creative spirit. Over the past six years, I've dived into various film projects, from shorts and music videos to capturing special moments at weddings and creating content for businesses. Together, we're a duo that loves blending precision with creativity. Our aim is more than just making movies; it's about crafting heartfelt, well-thought-out productions that hopefully bring a smile to your face!


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